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VBeam Perfecta Laser (Pulsed-dye laser)

What is it?

The VBeam Perfecta laser is used to treat redness associated with vascular conditions such as:

  • rosacea

  • redness on the neck and chest from chronic sun damage (poikiloderma of Civatte)

  • broken blood vessels (telangiectasia)

  • port-wine stain birthmarks 

  • scars


How does it work?

The VBeam Perfecta is easy, safe, and noninvasive with little to no downtime.  This FDA-approved laser works by producing an intense but gentle burst of light that is selectively absorbed by anything vascular without damaging the surrounding tissue.  Multiple treatments are usually necessary.              


What can I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, you can expect redness.  In the days after, you could also bruise and swell, but extreme reactions are very rare.  


Is VBeam covered by my insurance?

Some insurance companies will cover VBeam for the treatment of medical conditions such as rosacea. Some insurances do not cover VBeam even for medical conditions. Treatment for cosmetic reasons, such as telangiectasia is not covered by insurance and the patient is responsible for payment at the time of treatment. For more information, call to schedule a consult.

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